Whatever is troubling you – I am here to help: Tracy Moore, trainee psychosynthesis psychotherapist 

Making Sense & Seeking Change...

Discover the hidden potential of your own WILL

Why seek therapy?

We are unique beings; much more than the product of our genes and family history, yet we often struggle to break free from the roles we play and what we imagine the world expects of us. 


We might survive the early wounding of our formative years but how do we begin to unlock the patterns that make it difficult to live a life on our own terms?  

What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis is a practical psychology:

a soulful, optimistic approach to personal development.


Within an empathic relationship, clients come to recognise how they have been shaped by their past, identifying where they have become stuck in outdated thought patterns, largely based on survival needs. 


With guidance they learn to listen for their own voice: they begin to free up the will to make empowering choices, awakening the desire to live a life of meaning and purpose, a life truly worth living.

What I am offering...

A skilled guiding relationship in a quiet, safe setting.


I offer a place to pause and time to get to the heart of the trouble.  Whether you experience anxiety or feel isolated and alone in your pain; if relationships have become difficult or old wounding has resurfaced for further healing, I will accompany you as you journey towards a fuller sense of wholeness.


I believe that amidst the pain and suffering there always arises hope.

    If you have questions or wish to set up a free initial consultation, please give me a call or drop me an email.               

Tracy Moore has a background in General Nursing both in UK and USA.  With Certificate and Diploma awards in Counselling Skills & Theory, Tracy is currently working towards MA in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy at London Institute of Psychosynthesis: a UKCP accredited course endorsed by Middlesex University. (UKCP registered)

She continues to receive Training, Guidance and Supervision at the Institute.

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